Hi! You’ve happened upon my blog. This mainly contains notes and scratchings so that I don’t have to figure it out again the next time, but also showcases some of the things I’ve created / am creating.

Notes to self


These are living documents (posts) that will be periodically updated.


Below is a curated list of my active projects. Some of them are part of my work at Cortex, while the games-y ones are collaborations (with Jase Magee and Granite Games) and others will be Hans Solo pet projects.

  • tabi

    Time and billing, made simple. Its aim is to simplify time recording, invoicing and reporting for all types of professional service business.

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  • Bragi

    Bragi is a lightweight data warehouse automation tool. Pull data from other databases, files, xml, json, APIs, web services; archive it; model it. Get value from it.

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  • Seeker

    The go-to portal for Guernsey: providing property, vehicle, and job listings from businesses across the bailiwick; the Guernsey Weather Fox, and much more.

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  • Report Genie

    A flexible CRS/Fatca reporting solution. Review and validate your submission before generating the XML. Also takes the pain out of submitting corrections.

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  • Aldrick The Wizard

    Aldrick the Wizard explores a perilous labyrinth, unraveling secrets and using magic to restore balance and safeguard realms.

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  • Sacrificial Inferno

    Procedurally generated, permadeath, hack-and-slash, retro 2D platformer. Journey through hell, battling horrors, collecting souls, and rescuing a lost love.

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