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Tappy Turret

In Game Action

Q: What is it?

Tappy Turret (working title) is a simple arcade game exploring the simple game mechanic of tap to shoot. The main character (currently a chap sat in a car) follows the road moving steadily up the screen. He has a box of bananas (obviously) and a number of pests trying to bring his journey to an end.

The game will be a fast-paced score-attack game that will challenge your memory and reflexes. The task is simple - get to the end of the level. Maximise your score by hitting enemies from as far away as possible, get to the end with as many bananas in the bank as possible, and pick up as many bonuses as possible. Simples!

Q: So, when will it be finished?

The aim is to finish this next, so sometime in 2017. There are few things that need to be finished.

  • Proper graphics. We’re currently using placeholder art and shudder developer art.
  • Some music
  • Find the fun. A small matter of tweaking and changing things to find the fun. We’re not quite there yet.

Some more pics