An open water swim from Moulin Huet to Fermain Bay.


Stat Info
From Moulin Huet
To Fermain Bay
Distance 3.75km
Duration 1h 30m - 2h
Prime Tide 1h before high tide
Difficulty Tough

Key info

Ideally, you should undertake this route an hour before high tide. The only real concern is Jerbourg Point. Attempting to swim here at the wrong time might have you off course and heading out towards Jersey, and no one wants that! Starting an hour before high tide ensures that the tidal current as you round the tip of Guernsey will be low, and pushing you towards the east coast. As you venture further towards Fermain you will get more help as the tidal current will gradually increase.

It goes without saying, but keep in mind that you’ll finish a fair distance from Moulin Huet, so it would be wise to have a car waiting near Fermain Bay. Unfortunately, this implies a trek uphill. Moulin Huet does have a car park, as well as toilets, which means you can change before ambling down to the beach.


The route is absolutely breathtaking. Moulin Huet is stunning. You’ll set off just before high tide which will mean that the beach will be flooded. There are steps down to the water and plenty of ways in to the water. Once in the water you should head towards Petit Port and arc round towards the peastacks. You can take in panoramic views of the cliffs as you aim for the peastacks. There is a channel between the peastacks and the coast which is the highlight of the swim as it creates a mini cathedral to travel through.

Once you are beyond the peastacks then you will need to hug the coastline and head towards the distinctive white cube on the corner of Telegraph Bay (which bears the name as it was the point of entry for the Telegraph line in to the island). This stretch of the swim will likely be lumpy even on the calmest of days so take care. Once have rounded this corner and are on to the east coast then enjoy.

The east coast is much softer. Far less cliffy with pine trees growing right down to the water. A handful of small bays dot the journey to Fermain Bay, including Divette, Marble Bay, and Bec du Nez. There is normally plenty to see as you head towards fermain and the water far more sheltered.

Fermain Bay is beautiful with a pebble beach at high tide. It is a popular spot for boaters so make sure you have your swim buoy and keep half an eye out for McBoaties. There is a beach cafe / restaurant overlooking the beach so take some cash with you and you can rehydrate and take in the view before taking on the hill back up to the car!

Tidal flow - 1 hour before high tide