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In my ears - Tech podcasts

Podcasts are good for the brain

Over the last few years, I seem to have increased the number of podcasts that I consume and I find that they are a great way to find out about some of the new tech, stay motivated or just chill out and unwind a little. The commute into work and the odd plod/pootle for exercise is podcast prime-time!

My subscriptions have evolved with podcasts ceasing to be and my tastes changing. It has taken a long time to discover many of the podcasts, some of which have been running for 10+ years, so I thought it would be useful to throw the list together here and I’ll update it with any new ones as I find them. Am also hoping that anyone who finds this list useful and who has suggestions will throw them across. It is always nice to discover a new podcast with a back catalogue to work through.

In case you are interested, I use PocketCasts to manage my playlist. It has a new releases feed and I’ll typically look at the new shows that have come in every couple of days and either queue them to the “playlist” or archive them if they are not of interest and clear down the queue. When I get to the bottom of the active playlist then I’ll take a look through some of the backlog and see if there’s anything there that piques my interest.

The podcasts are broadly split into 3 categories…

  1. Tech-focused podcasts to try and keep up to date with what is going on.
  2. Startup/Founder podcasts to help me think about what I’m wanting to achieve with Cortex and our products. But more generally I find these motivating.
  3. “chewing gum for the brain” - It is often nice to just listen to something non-technical!

Current Subscriptions

My Favourite Tech Podcasts

.Net Rocks!

.NET Rocks! is somewhat of an institution in the .net dev world. The show is polished and has a well-worked format with two hosts that bounce off one another interviewing a guest from the .net world. As the name implies, it is very much .net focussed, and for me is a good way to stay up to date with what is going on in this space and find out more about different frameworks and libraries.

Unhandled Exception

1-2 a month
One of the newly discovered podcasts but is shaping up to be one of my favourites. Another largely .net focussed podcast but has also covered some of the softer skills and Container-y stuff.


Another excellent and well-polished podcast. Scott is a seasoned developer come community manager at Microsoft and interviews guests from all stages of their careers in a variety of technologies.

Coding Blocks

3 software developers taking on a a vareity of topics from software design, Docker, Microservices and more recently Site Reliability Engineering.

The .net Core Podcast

A decent .net development podcast withcovering good topics with interesting guests.

Software Misadventures

A relatively new podcast that seems to be slowing down. Some interesting guests though - it's all about the guests. Discovered this one at the start of the year when they interviewed Michael Lynch who is an interesting entrepreneur I follow (stalk) from afar.

Stack Overflow

twice a week
Much like the site it covers a broad range of technologies. They are normally <30 mins which is a decent length to cover off some of the goings-on in tech spaces on the peripheral. It also covers some of the hot topics in the news that week.

Tech Tent

A short, sweet wrap up of the top tech news items.


One of the longer podcasts normally weighing in at 70+ mins. Has a weird knack for covering areas that have been on the list to find out more. For example, this month it has covered Mob Programming - that surely could never work!

GDC Podcast

Not sure if these are still being produced, or if they are waiting for the GDC's to get back into full swing post-covids. In any case, there are almost 30 episodes which I am working through with some great guests (Derek Yu, Greg Kasavin).

Run As Radio

Hosted by Richard Campbell (from .net rocks). A Microsoft focussed show which is a great way to stay up to date with what is going on with Azure, AD, SqlServer and the like.


This one sits between the tech and chewing-gum categories. Covers some interesting science/space topics.

My Favourite Startup Podcasts (Founder Podcasts)

Startups For The Rest Of Us

Am really enjoying this one. A weekly podcast typically with a guest startup founder talking through their journey but often targets a specific topic. Very insightful and motivating. Am slowly working my way through the backlog.

Creator Lab

Another really good podcast following a similar format of interviewing a startup founder. The host clearly does the legwork upfront and all are interesting and informative.

They Got Acquired

1-2 a month
This is a brand spanker with the first season having just been released. Another polished podcast with inspiring stories for businesses that were grown from nothing and sold. All the businesses covered so far were sold for millions rather than billions which makes it all the more relatable!

Building a Unicorn

An Australian host interviewing founders. Covid I think disrupted this one and there hasn't been any new content since June '20 but the 21 episodes in the backlog are worth listening to. The Transferwise story was fantastic.


A cool concept for a podcast. The host interviews a guest, talking through how they overcame some form of adversity with their business. Like Building a Unicorn above, this one is from Australia but has also not had any new content since the end of 2021. The backlog (41 episodes) is still worth a listen though.

How I Built It

Some good content and interesting guests. Would be of more interest to content focussed businesses. Still some good takeaways. Only real criticism is the number of ads that are included.

Code Story

Multiple Per Week
This could be a real 5* podcast but for the funeral music that plays in the background and the volume of ads. The show has a good format and has some great guests. Is one I listen to when I have my phone to hand so that I can skip past the ads.

“Chewing Gum For The Brain” podcasts

Agent Stoker

1 Season
The show's blurb covers it perfectly... a paranormal thriller – part Raymond Chandler, part Philip K. Dick, and all macabre all the time. AGENT STOKER is the love child of The Shadow and Black Mirror, it’s 'The X-Files with a drinking problem.'


Very broad - covers all sorts of weird and wonderful topics. Learn something new every week, even if it is a useless fact or two!


Multiple Seasons
Midway through season 1 and have so far enjoyed it. I will report back more when I've finished it.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Alas, this one has finished, but there are 147 episodes to work through. Brian Cox is ace and whilst the canned laughter does get on ur tits a little, it is an interesting one.

Eurogamer Podcasts

This relaunched at the end of last year with fortnightly interviews with developers and designers from the games space. I discovered it when they interviewed Dan Marshall who created 'Ben There, Dan That' and 'The Swindle' which is one of my favourite games, but they interview some designers. More recently they have also been releasing weekly news wrap ups, which are ok, but I'm there for the deeper content.

Arcade Attack

Has some interviews with developers of some of the games from my childhood (Civilisation, Age of Empires, Diablo). Also goes pretty deep on games such as IK+, Diddy Kong Racing which takes me back to some happy places.