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Check out my Pi-Hole

Setting up a pi-hole running in Docker on a Raspberry Pi


Blazor Server + Windows Auth (AD)

Adding Windows Authentication to a .net6 Blazor Server app


In my ears - Tech podcasts

I listen to quite a few podcasts - I have popped them on a list here.


.net Development with Docker

.net Development with Docker (WebApp + Console App + SqlServer)


.net5 Console App

Setting up a .net5 console app with dependency injection (DI), Serilog and config (appsettings.json)




Living in Guernsey with my very tolerant wife Katie and 3 increasingly crazy kids Jack, Sam and Tilly. Originally from England, I grew up in Hereford, went to University at Warwick, had a brief 7 and bit years in the big smoke of London before being enticed across to Guernsey to put down roots. I have been fortunate to have worked (and work) with some amazing people over the years.

In 2018 I set up Cortex with Matt T-Bag Thornton, one of those amazing people and are now working hard to create an amazing company and together create something awesome.

Outside of work there is much tech geekery with one or more pet projects on the go. You can find more details about some of the past and inflight projects on this site. Do head over to Cortex.gg too as some of them are on there also.


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