In the mystical realm of Eldoria, Aldrick, a gifted wizard from a long line of sorcerers, becomes trapped in an otherworldly dimension after accidentally uncovering a forbidden incantation. To find his way back home, Aldrick must navigate a perilous labyrinth filled with challenging puzzles and powerful enchantments. As he progresses, he unravels ancient secrets and realizes that his escape holds the key to restoring harmony between realms.

Will Aldrick’s unwavering spirit and growing magical abilities be enough to overcome the labyrinth’s challenges and restore balance to the realms? The destiny of Aldrick the Wizard unfolds as he strives to fulfill his purpose and safeguard the realms from impending danger.

Tech Details

This is another collaborative effort with Jase Magee and will be published via Granite Games.

The game has been created using the Unity game engine. The majority of the art assets have been created in Blender. The wizard, which looks a little bit like a penis, has been remodeled by our friend Andy and is looking much more wizardy. We’ll be dropping him in shortly!

The game itself is turn based. As you move a square in any direction the world also moves forward - projectiles advance, blocks fall etc. This allows us to create some interesting puzzles.


Mechanics-wise the game is more or less there. It has lots of placeholder art and that needs replacing. We have a around 30 puzzles / levels and an engine that allows these to be quickly crafted (by hand).

Some more pics


In game action