Q: What is was it?

Footy Analyser delivered in-depth historical analysis of both the current and past seasons. Armed with a unique set of parameters, it accurately forecasted potential outcomes for all games played across the 4 English Leagues. It allowed users to track the pulse of the English football season week-by-week, as the season unfolded.

Any fervent football enthusiast or savvy gambler was handed easy-to-understand, up-to-date data. This trove of information, combined with personal football insight, served as a robust foundation for selecting fixtures to bet on, bolstering the chances of winning individual or accumulator bets every week.

Q: So, what happened?

Err, well, it kind of was finished and released in 2012, but it needed a bit of love ahead of each season and required quite a bit of effort to keep it going week to week. There are now a lot of football results APIs so this could all be managed in a fully automated fashion.

It is one that I will develop again from scratch - watch this space! Not sure if it will be an iOS app though. I think it would more likely be a simple web site. Although, playing with app development again could be fun - stop it beavan!

Some more info

The Footy Analyser app was split into 3 sections:

  1. Forecasts
  2. Results
  3. Statistics

Forecast Screen

The Forecast section showed the upcoming fixtures to be played in the next 3/5/7 days and predicted the outcome of each game. It did so using a combination of the last 5 games played by each team together with the head to head record over the last 6 seasons. Subtle adjustments are made to factor in newly promoted and relegated clubs.

You could tap the fixture to expand the view and review the last 5 opponents and results for both teams so you could see the form they were taking into the game. It also gave you the head-to-head record for previous seasons.

Results Screen

The Results section showed the results for the current season for each league, together with the league table. Select a team from the scrollbar on the right-hand side to see your team’s performance for the season to date. For all of the results that have been played, the app shows the original predicted result so that you can see how it fares with reality - it didn’t get everything right!

Statistics Screen

The Stats section provided a more detailed view of the league table, incorporating the last 5 home and away results and also the last 8 overall. Use the stats section to help when you are unsure about the information shown in the forecaster. Click on any individual team and that team’s results for the current season will be shown in the side panel.