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Sacrificial Inferno

Q: What is it?

Sacrificial Inferno is a procedurally generated, permadeath, hack and slash, retro looking 2D platformer.

The game is currently more or less functionally complete for a version 1.0. Our hero has had his partner snatched from him, sacrificed in a ritual, and taken down to hell. He decides to descend the many levels of hell to get her back. In order to get deeper into hell he has to slay the many different creatures of hell and free their souls. Collecting the souls allows him to activate and charge the gateways that allow him to head deeper into the pit and get ever closer to the Devil himself. The game currently has:

  • Skeletons
  • Orcs
  • Bats
  • Dragons
  • Lava
  • Spikes
  • Rolling Boulders
  • Falling Blocks
  • Arrows
  • Oh, and the devil himself

Q: It looks too good Beavan, you can’t have made it yourself!

You are right, the game began life at the Guernsey Global Games Jam 2016. I worked with Adrian Richie, Andy Le Conte and Jase Magee. Since then Andy, Jason and I have continued to develop the game with the goal of releasing it when completed (Adrian has been busy making many other things!).

I think the game and its animations look fantastic, and pretty much all the credit for this goes to Andy.

Q: So, when will it be finished?

The project is currently on hold but will be resumed and finished in 2017. We have been distracted by Tappy Turret and playing with and learning Unity. The plan is to finish TT and jump back on to SI.

Links to find out more:

Some more pics