In Sacrificial Inferno, tragedy strikes as our hero witnesses the horrifying abduction of his beloved partner, who is mercilessly sacrificed in a dark ritual and condemned to the depths of hell. Consumed by grief and fueled by an unwavering love, our hero embarks on a perilous quest to rescue his partner from the clutches of the infernal realm.

Driven by a determination that knows no bounds, our hero descends into the nightmarish layers of hell, each one more treacherous and horrifying than the last. In order to progress further into the abyss, he must confront and vanquish the diverse array of diabolical creatures that inhabit the underworld, liberating their tormented souls from eternal suffering.

As our hero collects these liberated souls, he harnesses their essence to activate and empower the gateways that guard the path to the deepest recesses of hell. With every slain creature and charged gateway, he inches closer to the ultimate confrontation with the Devil himself, where he hopes to reclaim his partner’s soul and bring her back from the fiery grip of damnation.

Will our hero’s courage and determination be enough to overcome the perils that await him in the unholy depths? Only time will tell as he confronts unimaginable horrors, battles his way through the inferno, and embarks on a soul-shaking journey to reunite with his beloved partner.

Tech Details

Sacrificial Inferno has been in dev for a long time! Not sure which Steam category we’d drop it into… It is a procedurally generated, permadeath, hack and slash, retro looking, 2D platformer.

The game is functionally complete and now needs polishing and building out with more levels. The game started in the GGJ 2016 and has had a few contributors since. It is now actively being worked on by Jase Magee and myself and will be published via Granite Games when it is ready!

It is developed in Unity / C# / blender.


The game currently has:

  • Skeletons
  • Orcs
  • Bats
  • Dragons
  • Lava
  • Spikes
  • Rolling Boulders
  • Falling Blocks
  • Arrows
  • Oh, and the devil himself

Q: It looks too good, you can’t have made it yourself!

You are right, the game began life at the Guernsey Global Games Jam 2016. I worked with Adrian Richie, Andy Le Conte and Jase Magee. Since then Andy, Jason and I have continued to develop the game with the goal of releasing it when completed (Adrian has been busy making many other things!).

Q: So, when will it be finished?

The project has been put on the back burner, but plan to get back to it and get it wrapped up. Jason and I are still involved and will drag it across the finish line.

In game action

Some more pics