Scribe is an engaging game that tests both agility and quick thinking. Your objective is to match the tablets appearing at the bottom of the screen with those moving down from the top. Make the matches before they reach the end!

The game has multiple game modes:

  • Levels: over 50 levels that get progressively harder to clear. Each level offers up to 3 stars depending on the speed with which you are able to clear it.
  • Endless runner: the tiles just keep on rolling. Stay alive for as long as possible by preventing them from hitting the bottom of the screen.
  • Daily challenge: Each day generates a new sequence of tiles - the same for every player. Race to clear them as quickly as possible to claim the top spot.


Scribe was completed in 2017 and further updated in 2018. It was developed with Jase Magee using the Unity game engine. It was released as a mobile game on Android and iOS and has been downloaded around 2000 times. You can still get it on the google store, but is no longer available on iOS as we have not kept apace with the ever changing apple updates. It was a fun game to develop and play. We used the Kenny game asset packs which saved us from having to do too much art and was developed over the course of a month or two.


Main menu
In-game action
Level selection menu
3 stars per level
Endless runner mode

Some in game action