Seeker is a comprehensive community portal in Guernsey, Alderney, Herm, and Sark. It started off not as a website but as a property listings aggregator to help myself and Matt whilst we were looking to buy a house, and offered the service to friends who didn’t want to have to trawl through all the estate agent’ sites each day to find any new properties. It was relatively straight forward to plonk a website infront of this and let anyone use it to find their new home / rental.

Once we had this engine in place then it was not very difficult to extend this to cater for vehicles and jobs.

Water stuffs

At Cortex we love the sea and will try and find as many opportunities to throw ourselves in during the summer months and do try and brave it most of the year round. As we are always looking to throw tech at any problem, we’ve also pulled in hourly weather data, tide information, water conditions, wind direction. Couple this with a catalog of all the beaches and the range of conditions suitable for them then we are able to provide a pretty cool swim page that will let you know exactly where you can go right now to escape the wind and have a right nice dunk.

Private portal

In addition to the free to the public we also have a private portal that provides the richest set of property information available.
We have 5 years (and growing) of property listings information, decades worth of property transactions, planning applications and much more. This is proving to be incredibly useful to estate agents, surveyors, mortgage brokers, advocates in their day to day jobs. We’re having fun exploring the data and building out some useful analytics and info rich charts.


We continue to tweak and tinker with the Seeker site and are always looking for useful things to add to the site. Do give us a shout if you have any suggestions. The private portal grows in value as the history grows. We will carry on incorporating the feedback and suggestions from the users to allow them to get more from the data and slice and dice the data up in different ways.



Weather Fox

Property movements

Bond stats