Active Projects

A list of the active projects that I’m working on. Some will be through my work at Cortex, some are with Jase Magee and games dev through Granite Games and others will be Hans Solo pet projects.

  • tabi

    Time and billing, made simple. Its aim is to simplify time recording, invoicing and reporting for all types of professional service business.

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  • Bragi

    Bragi is a lightweight data warehouse automation tool. Pull data from other databases, files, xml, json, APIs, web services; archive it; model it. Get value from it.

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  • Seeker

    The go-to portal for Guernsey: providing property, vehicle, and job listings from businesses across the bailiwick; the Guernsey Weather Fox, and much more.

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  • Report Genie

    A flexible CRS/Fatca reporting solution. Review and validate your submission before generating the XML. Also takes the pain out of submitting corrections.

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  • Aldrick The Wizard

    Aldrick the Wizard explores a perilous labyrinth, unraveling secrets and using magic to restore balance and safeguard realms.

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  • Sacrificial Inferno

    Procedurally generated, permadeath, hack-and-slash, retro 2D platformer. Journey through hell, battling horrors, collecting souls, and rescuing a lost love.

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Completed Projects

Below is a list of the completed projects (inactive).

  • Virus Outbreak

    A procedurally generated conquest game. Stop the AI virus and c It onsume the host!

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  • Scribe

    Simple time attack matching game.might be simple but it is quite morish!

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  • Stealth Shoal

    Created with friends at the GlobalGameJam. Search for fishes and steer them to safety.

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  • Tappy Turret

    Simple mobile arcade game exploring the simple game mechanic of tap to shoot.

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  • Footy Analyser

    Footy Analyser is a complete analysis and form guide for the English football leagues.

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